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Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy my little Twig Santa's, and all their friends. I have started selling them on my Etsy site along with my other Food Goodies.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

We are on a roll !

In spite of the crazy week I have been having, My ETSY Shop has really taken off. Between the orders on the shop, and locally, We are on a roll! Can you say "TRAIL MIX". What started as a venture with my Twig Santa's and other Carvings, fast turned into a cooking gig. It started out as a shop to sell my crafts, and has become a showcase for my baked treats. What started it all was my Granola. They evolved into many different kinds. I started with Cranberry Pecan, and Lemon Blueberry Almond. Next came Cranberry Pecan with mixed Fruit. By this time I had a Lady asking me about Low Carb Granola, Of course I had to come up with something. I used a variation of my regular recipes but changed the sugar for Splenda. These became fast hits. This same wonderful Lady, talked me into doing Trail Mixes. One thing just lead to another, and now I am putting out several types of Regular Granola, Low Carb Granola and now I have two types Trail Mixes. Off of the Trail Mixes, I have created for the Holidays,Valentines/Mothers Day Blend, St. Patrick's Day Blend, and we are now up to the Easter Blend. This is simply Amazing! To see all my Treats, be sure to go visit Me at my Etsy Shop. http://lisadqueen.etsy.com My next project is to create for my friend Joanne, some dried mixed fruits. It will be interesting to see what kinds of fruits I can find to dry. I have already, Cranberries, Apples, Pineapple and Bananas. I will try to find some Papaya's and Guava's. That should give it some color. Well It is time to set the clocks forward. Good night, and sleep tight!

Friday, March 12, 2010

This has absolutely GOT to be the most rotten day yet !!!

I wonder if I knew how this day was going to turn out, would I have even bothered to get up?
I can't believe the day, week, or month I have been having. It started as a pretty normal friday for me. It seems I am taking someone every Friday to a doctor appointment. So again it was a appointment for Chuck. For those who don't know him, he is my better half. After 27 years of bliss,(yuk ! yuk !) We are still together. Most thought we'd never make it... Well on this auspicious morning we were headed to yet another dreaded appointment at the Portland, VAMC.(Veterans Hospital) This is the last place I like to spend my Fridays. If you have never been to the VA Hospital, live dangerously, take a trip on the wild side and visit one. Any how, we had only got about 1 mile down the road when I heard this loud "pop".
I asked Chuck what did you do? He just smiled and said "nothing". Well by the next 1/2 mile I noticed he was reclining pretty far back in his seat. It turns out the bolts on his wheel chair back popped off, and his seat back was coming off. Next he's lying in the rear of the van.
The chair, and Chuck from the waist down were still in the passenger seat. But Chuck from the waist up was in the back of the van???? go figure??? You have to realize Chuck standing is about 6'2.5" tall. So to me, that is what it looked like! It was the weirdest thing!!!
Needless to say, I got out of having to take him up to the VA Hospital. I had to call my Brother Kevin, and he sent his # 1 Maintenance Man, Ken to come and help me get Chuck back up. We ended up tying him up in his chair with a rope, to get him back home??? Tell me this was not a crazy, nightmare of a day???? I think I will go have a glass of Kahlua, and take a warm bath. Maybe when I get out, this day will have been nothing but a bad dream.
Cheers and goodnight!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easter is nearly on us !!!

Out with the old, and in with the new! It is TIME to unveil the new  Trail Mix for Easter. I wanted something delicious to go with my pastel theme. After much searching at the stores, I came across this juicy blend of Sweet and Sour Pastel Jelly Eggs. I used the base for my Ultimate Mix with lots of yummy Mixed Nuts, Red Hots, M & M's, White Chocolate, and my all time favorite, Cranberries. I think it looks scrumptious! I love the way it looks in the picture. What do you think? Good enough to eat?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Saying good bye to a great Guy!

I have neglected my blog for the past few weeks. It has been hard to feel like writing about much this past 2 weeks. On the 21st. of February, my Father in Law passed away. We were in the middle of Sunday dinner and my Mother in Law called us. I took the call in the other room, and then had to come back to the table and tell my husband. That was one of the hardest things I have had to do. My husband had just spoken to him the week before,so it seemed so surreal. My in laws are out in Michigan, and in the middle of all the terrible blizzards they were having out there. My mother in law is so level headed and practical, I had never heard that level of distress in her voice before. I wish so bad we could have been there with her.  Travel for Chuck is pretty impossible, But I will try to get out there in May. Saying good bye is so hard. Frank Feringa was a great man, and a wonderful Father in Law to me.
Today Chuck and I celebrated our 27Th. Anniversary! Heehaw! Where has the time gone???  It has been a real adventure! I hope the next 27 years go by a little slower! I want to enjoy the time more. Well I am about out of steam, will get back on track again soon.
Bye for now,
XOXO, Lisa