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Friday, March 12, 2010

This has absolutely GOT to be the most rotten day yet !!!

I wonder if I knew how this day was going to turn out, would I have even bothered to get up?
I can't believe the day, week, or month I have been having. It started as a pretty normal friday for me. It seems I am taking someone every Friday to a doctor appointment. So again it was a appointment for Chuck. For those who don't know him, he is my better half. After 27 years of bliss,(yuk ! yuk !) We are still together. Most thought we'd never make it... Well on this auspicious morning we were headed to yet another dreaded appointment at the Portland, VAMC.(Veterans Hospital) This is the last place I like to spend my Fridays. If you have never been to the VA Hospital, live dangerously, take a trip on the wild side and visit one. Any how, we had only got about 1 mile down the road when I heard this loud "pop".
I asked Chuck what did you do? He just smiled and said "nothing". Well by the next 1/2 mile I noticed he was reclining pretty far back in his seat. It turns out the bolts on his wheel chair back popped off, and his seat back was coming off. Next he's lying in the rear of the van.
The chair, and Chuck from the waist down were still in the passenger seat. But Chuck from the waist up was in the back of the van???? go figure??? You have to realize Chuck standing is about 6'2.5" tall. So to me, that is what it looked like! It was the weirdest thing!!!
Needless to say, I got out of having to take him up to the VA Hospital. I had to call my Brother Kevin, and he sent his # 1 Maintenance Man, Ken to come and help me get Chuck back up. We ended up tying him up in his chair with a rope, to get him back home??? Tell me this was not a crazy, nightmare of a day???? I think I will go have a glass of Kahlua, and take a warm bath. Maybe when I get out, this day will have been nothing but a bad dream.
Cheers and goodnight!


  1. Hello Lisa and Chuck
    Just what kind of day was it any way????? I hope Chuck is ok and that he gets his wheels fixed soon.
    The Southern Family has a Rx. and here it is! Take 1/2 gallon of Certified True Southern Tea (2-3 cups of sugar to the gallon) and place in 1 gallon container.
    Add 1/4 gallon of vodka any type will do and in a few minutes you will not care anyway.
    Add 1/4 gallon of Ice.
    Add 3 or 4 or 5 pieces of fine home grown Mint.
    A touch of lemon or lime if you like.
    Stir tea and serve in large glass the larger the better.

    Enjoy as many large glasses as it takes to make you HAPPY that today went as good as it did.

    Aspirin taken prophetically may help in the morning or not.
    Good Luck and let me know how it turns out.

  2. Hello again.
    That should read
    Aspirin taken prophylactically may help in the morning or not.
    It seems the spell checker is a little week on great big medical words.

  3. Poor Chuck! At least he had a smile on his face about it. What would you do if things weren't so exciting? lol. I hope today is a better one or at least not so eventful.

    By the way Phil, "prophetically" is a word, bibically speaking, so that is why your spell check didn't catch it. Cheers!

  4. Dang Girl!!! That is was some pretty weird stuff goingon:) I hope all has been worked out now so thatChuck does not have to travel all tied up again....


  5. Lisa, you and Chuck were just having too much fun in the van, I imagine :)
    See you next week,