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Hi ,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy my little Twig Santa's, and all their friends. I have started selling them on my Etsy site along with my other Food Goodies.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Morning!

Well It is Sunday Morning. I have had a very busy weekend. I just completed  a large order for a lady in Phoenix. 4.5 pounds of Granola's, and Trail mixes. That is a lot of baking. Then it has to be packaged in 2 ounce bags. She is one of my best customers, so It is worth the extra work. She convinced me to do a Trail Mix for each holiday coming up Soooo......We have Valentines now, next will be something green for St. Patrick's Day, I see Pastel's for Easter and on, and on we go! 
I will be taking a bunch of my Granola's and Trail Mixes with me for a show on the Oregon Coast at Reedsport/Gardnier area. It is the annual Wine and Seafood festival over the Valentines weekend. It should be lot's of fun. Of course my Trail mix will be a big feature. This is the photo I submitted to "Foodgawker" It is even harder to get one on the food site! The competition is real stiff. I think food is harder to photograph. I have been rejected 4 times already. I will just keep trying.
Well, it's bye for now.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Photo Was Accepted!

I just wanted to share this with everyone, my photo was accepted this afternoon on Craftgawker! I was begging to give up any hope! This is very exciting. I usually take pretty crappy, lame photos. Now I can go to bed and relax!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let's get on the Valentines Band Wagon!

Well the jury is still out on my photo submission  of the Golden Gate Bridge. There seems to be a really long back up. Maybe I will hear tomorrow. Today I made up another Trail Mix for the Valentines rush on my Etsy shop. You can see it at  lisadqueen.etsy.com   or for those who hate to shop, I will tantalize you with a picture of my mouth watering Ultimate Trail Mix. Please have your napkins ready!!! This delicious Trail Mix is loaded with good things. There are juicy cranberries,mixed nuts, white chocolate chips, good old M&M's, chunks of grapefruit, and one of my all time favorites... Red Hots. Combined, your mouth will think it just had a taste of Heaven. Now would I kid you about a thing like that???  ENJOY all you want, but don't lick my screen. The Macbook's not paid for yet!  Well I have a big day at the Hill tomorrow, (Hmm? maybe we could get a TV show with a name like that? Do you think so?) I am off to Na Na land. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I submitted my photo of the Golden Gate Bridge...

This morning before I went off to quilt, I submitted my Photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in the post below. I sent it to the Craftgawker site. I just checked it, and the submission is still pending???? I have submitted several photo's before,but none were ever accepted. It has never taken this long to get rejected!!! Maybe they like it?  I thought it was very special and magical when I first saw the picture after I downloaded it. It is just something about the mist over the Bridge? It was actually a sunny day. About 60 degrees, but this fog was just hanging there. I love it. This is another photo from the same trip. It was taken at Fisherman's Wharf. My nephew is a freak for anything John Deere, I just couldn't resist the picture. Enjoy Andrew!

This Morning I am running to a friends to work on some of our quilt projects. Last Fall I started a quilting series called "The Little Women" series. It is a group of 3 quilts from the Civil War period. The first one was a Patriotic Stripy Quilt of the Stars and Stripes. The second quilt is called Flower Basket. It is nearly done. The third quilt which I hope to start this weekend called Applique. I got so excited in this class, I decided to make a quilt for my Nephew who is a Sophomore at Oregon State University.( Go Beav's!) It is called "Cowboys and Cowgirls" It really turned out wonderful! what do you think??? 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Photo's from my trip to San Francisco

This summer I had an amazing time visiting San Francisco. Of all the wonderful places in the world, San Francisco is magical. There are a lot of beautiful bridges out there, but nothing compares to the Golden Gate Bridge.  When it came time to eat, we headed into  one of the most exciting areas of the city for a sampling  of some of the best food to be had on the West Coast. Beautiful China Town. I never wanted to leave !

Friday, January 15, 2010


This is so disgusting!! I got bit by a spider! I woke up on Thursday morning, and could barely put weight on my right foot. It wasn't even an option to call in sick at work . I hobbled around all day at work it was insane!!! I even took my shoe and sock off for a nurse on our unit to look at it. Yep, there were real bite marks. It was swollen and kind of bruised looking. We iced it during my lunch break and then soaked it in warm water. After about a million IBProfen and a nights rest, I went to the Doctor today. I shelled out my Co-pay so he could confirm what we had already figured out before. Ended up with antibiotics and a good old tetnus shot. It is looking much better now. Wish I had taken a picture yesterday! But hey! better late than never. Enjoy!!! 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why do Sunday's always lead to Monday's....

Hi There,
Why do Sunday's always have to lead to Monday's ? I am not ready for my weekend to end. This weekend I created two new Products for my Etsy site. You can view my shop at :www.lisadqueen.etsy.com . I am adding two new Trail Mixes, "Ultimate Trail Mix, and " Hawaiian Munch Trail Mix". Ultimate is a blend of m&m's, mixed nuts,cranberries, white chocolate, red hots,  and grapefruit. Hawaiian is made up of candy corn, pineapple, white chocolate, m&m's, and yummy macadamia nuts. I will include their photos now. 

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I am so excited!!! Just got in a Treasury on Etsy

Wow I am really excited ! I was just chosen for a Treasury on Etsy.
Check out this link.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank God it's Thursday !(Friday for Me...)

Yeah ! It's my Friday. It has been a real long week. Today on Pillhill we will be inspected by the Health Department, I have two Children to take care of on the "Ped's" Unit, and a huge bag out for our regular Feeding Studies. That is 42 meals to prepare for a weekend. Not much unless you figure in that every item in those meals is weighed out on a scale. Somewhere during that time I need to get my H1N1 SHOT??? Well I better get ready for a rollercoaster day. This weekend I will figure out how to do more on this blog than just write!!! Cheers,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I think I can !

When ever I think this is to hard, I just remember the "Litte Engine" that could. I say to myself, you can do it, this blogging isn't so hard.... Just have a few moments to pop in. I am running late this morning. I have been getting lots of help from other blogger friends, Just want to say THANK YOU ! It is all kind of overwelming right now.
I was so pooped from work, I didn't even want to look at the site last night. I will master this on the weekend when I have more time to devote to it. Well I have to run, can't be late for work today.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beach Photo's of Remodle

This last mini post s of the old fire place. We converted to gas this past year. Now when power goes out, we can still have heat!!! The old mantle was rescued from the North Portland area." The Rebuild it Center". It is pretty cozy.I don't know if you can see our collection of old Hurricane Lamps on the mantle, but that is the light source when the power goes out!!!! Very Romantic. Especially with the fire.... Well got to get ready for another day on "PILL HILL", Cheers!

Beach Photo's

I am still trying to navigat this blog thing !!!! Some of my photo's want to come up , some don't. Let's try this again. I call this shot "Twigs in the Rhodidendron's". This was taken in the back yard.

Walking through the Twig Forest...

This morning as I am contemplating getting ready for work, I came accrossed some of my Photo's of my Twigs at the Beach. We are so Blessed to have a old Cottage at the beautiful Oregon coast. I took these photo's around May of 2009. We had just completed a major remodel inside the house.Hope you enjoy the shots!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Manic Monday .

It is always nice to leave the "Hill", and head for home.  Why do Monday's always seem so much longer than any other day of the week?  Can someone explain this to me?  My poor feet!  
I have so many projects to finish, can't wait to get home.... These are a few of my Folk Carvings.  I have about 10 different Carvings from Uncle Sam, Miss Liberty, There is Abe Lincoln with his Gettysburg Address,  Snowmen, Pilgrims, Indians, Cowboys, Santa's, Scarecrows, Adam & Eve, Angels, and a bunch of others I can't think of right now. What should I carve next? I have a show in February on the Oregon Coast, and I want to take some new items with me. I plan on having some of my Twig Angels with a Valentine theme, a few Scarecrows, several of  the Uncle Sam and Abe Lincolns since it is around the Presidents Holiday, and my Santa's are great anytime of the year. I will also be taking my Awesome Granola and Trail Mixes. That's a bowl of my Cranberry Pecan Granola at the top of the post! Well, I'm  off to create. Night :)

Good Morning !

Hey out there...... I can't believe it's Monday morning already. This will be my first day back to work, after a nice little Christmas and New year break. I always hate it the first day back. When I left work on the 24th. we had no patients. Today there are 3 new patients starting our 2 week diet Phase. I know this does not sound like much, but just look at it this way, every speck of food that goes into their mouths has to be weighed to a 10th. of a gram. The diet is calculated for each patient so they do not loose or gain weight. The object is to maintain. Each patient gets 3 meals and a snack for a 2 day pack out. A total of 8 meals x3 patients is 24 meals. All will be prepared in our Mega-Monster kitchen at OHSU(Also known as Pill Hill) . Well better go jump in the shower ! Cheers.