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Saturday, January 23, 2010

I submitted my photo of the Golden Gate Bridge...

This morning before I went off to quilt, I submitted my Photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in the post below. I sent it to the Craftgawker site. I just checked it, and the submission is still pending???? I have submitted several photo's before,but none were ever accepted. It has never taken this long to get rejected!!! Maybe they like it?  I thought it was very special and magical when I first saw the picture after I downloaded it. It is just something about the mist over the Bridge? It was actually a sunny day. About 60 degrees, but this fog was just hanging there. I love it. This is another photo from the same trip. It was taken at Fisherman's Wharf. My nephew is a freak for anything John Deere, I just couldn't resist the picture. Enjoy Andrew!

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  1. Beautiful picture! I hope you are accepted! I finally started my blog http://grannyzann.blogspot.com if you want to follow along :)

    I hope you are doing wonderful!