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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Morning!

Well It is Sunday Morning. I have had a very busy weekend. I just completed  a large order for a lady in Phoenix. 4.5 pounds of Granola's, and Trail mixes. That is a lot of baking. Then it has to be packaged in 2 ounce bags. She is one of my best customers, so It is worth the extra work. She convinced me to do a Trail Mix for each holiday coming up Soooo......We have Valentines now, next will be something green for St. Patrick's Day, I see Pastel's for Easter and on, and on we go! 
I will be taking a bunch of my Granola's and Trail Mixes with me for a show on the Oregon Coast at Reedsport/Gardnier area. It is the annual Wine and Seafood festival over the Valentines weekend. It should be lot's of fun. Of course my Trail mix will be a big feature. This is the photo I submitted to "Foodgawker" It is even harder to get one on the food site! The competition is real stiff. I think food is harder to photograph. I have been rejected 4 times already. I will just keep trying.
Well, it's bye for now.

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  1. Keep trying! It makes hearing your success stories all the more exciting!