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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank God it's Thursday !(Friday for Me...)

Yeah ! It's my Friday. It has been a real long week. Today on Pillhill we will be inspected by the Health Department, I have two Children to take care of on the "Ped's" Unit, and a huge bag out for our regular Feeding Studies. That is 42 meals to prepare for a weekend. Not much unless you figure in that every item in those meals is weighed out on a scale. Somewhere during that time I need to get my H1N1 SHOT??? Well I better get ready for a rollercoaster day. This weekend I will figure out how to do more on this blog than just write!!! Cheers,


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  1. See! You are already getting use to this blogging thing! Sometimes just writing is just the thing to do! Hope your day went well today and now you can relax. ♥♥♥ Christine