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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let's get on the Valentines Band Wagon!

Well the jury is still out on my photo submission  of the Golden Gate Bridge. There seems to be a really long back up. Maybe I will hear tomorrow. Today I made up another Trail Mix for the Valentines rush on my Etsy shop. You can see it at  lisadqueen.etsy.com   or for those who hate to shop, I will tantalize you with a picture of my mouth watering Ultimate Trail Mix. Please have your napkins ready!!! This delicious Trail Mix is loaded with good things. There are juicy cranberries,mixed nuts, white chocolate chips, good old M&M's, chunks of grapefruit, and one of my all time favorites... Red Hots. Combined, your mouth will think it just had a taste of Heaven. Now would I kid you about a thing like that???  ENJOY all you want, but don't lick my screen. The Macbook's not paid for yet!  Well I have a big day at the Hill tomorrow, (Hmm? maybe we could get a TV show with a name like that? Do you think so?) I am off to Na Na land. 

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