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Friday, January 15, 2010


This is so disgusting!! I got bit by a spider! I woke up on Thursday morning, and could barely put weight on my right foot. It wasn't even an option to call in sick at work . I hobbled around all day at work it was insane!!! I even took my shoe and sock off for a nurse on our unit to look at it. Yep, there were real bite marks. It was swollen and kind of bruised looking. We iced it during my lunch break and then soaked it in warm water. After about a million IBProfen and a nights rest, I went to the Doctor today. I shelled out my Co-pay so he could confirm what we had already figured out before. Ended up with antibiotics and a good old tetnus shot. It is looking much better now. Wish I had taken a picture yesterday! But hey! better late than never. Enjoy!!! 


  1. Geeze Girl!!! Where were you to get a spider bite?? I am thinking you need to go back to the beach for some R&R :)

    Prayers for a speedy recovery and hugs just because.