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Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy my little Twig Santa's, and all their friends. I have started selling them on my Etsy site along with my other Food Goodies.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Well its September and I've been retired for nine months and no I'm not pregnant, ha ha. During this time I have been focusing on my Etsy shop lisadqueen.etsy.com , trying to enjoy retirement, and taking care of my feisty father and semi sick husband. Life is a blast. I've been to the beach, and New Mexico. I am planning a trip to Jamaica in October. And I've enjoyed a visit from my mother-in-law. I am currently focusing on opening a new Etsy shop that specializes in vintage bridal. I would show pictures of some of my adventures but unfortunately I lost my camera in the airport :(
Now with a new camera and a new shop I am prepared for whatever life throws at me next.
Check out my new shop at BridestouchVintage.etsy.com
I haven't had time to download any pictures yet but they are coming soon.


  1. Hi Honey so glad you are having some fun to along with all the other things you have to do. I am headed over to see your new shop now!


  2. Hey Suzann,
    Good to hear from you too! Looking forward to getting the shop up and running. This will be lot's of fun!


  3. I haven't heard from you for so long I thought you fell off the earth somewhere!! Now I know you've been having fun without ME!!!! Congrats on the retirement!! Hugs!