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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday, and I got the blues!!!

Good morning to all! I have a horrible cold, and I can't figure out where I got it???
I woke up Thursday morning with a sore throat, and now my head is ready to explode. We just had over a week of awesome hot weather, and now it is cold and gray out! I guess it suits my mood for the day. I will need a lot of strong coffee to keep going today. It seems I spent nearly a year before I retired, not writing much, or doing anything memorable. The last 9 months since I left my job have been very full and rewarding. I was able to do some traveling out to Texas and New Mexico, and many wonderful trips to our beach house. We spent the last 6 months getting the beach house completely resided, new windows and a new downstairs bathroom that was a lot of fun to work on( I mosaiced the vanity!) It turned out beautifully. We are almost done, have had the back yard landscaped and the only thing left is a new roof to be completed in the next few months. Then we can relax and enjoy it.


  1. Oh no!! We would make quite a pair! I threw my back out yesterday and now I'm walking like a duck!! I hope yo feel better soon! Maybe we can get together over coffee again sometime... Hugs!